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The French Connection

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Hi, My name is David and i come from Scotland.I know my Grandfather and Grandmother were French, but they met in Edinburgh Scotland and Married there in 1905.My Grandmother was called Gabrielle Dupuis Albertine born in 1881 in Grenoble, i think.My Grandfather Charles was called Victor Dupre born 1874 and i think also born in Grenoble.My Grandmothers Parents were called Alfred Louis Dupuis Eugene and Pauline Reymond who may be from Grenoble gold Swiss.My Grandfathers Parents were called Prosper Charles Dupre and Amelie Cholat gold Cholet.I think both from Grenoble.I did not meet my grandparents and my Father is only when i was a baby, he and his Siblings are all dead now, so this has become a frustrating search for information.I am embarrassed to say i do not speak french (but am willing to learn) so my task to research my Family seems daunting.I would be eternally grateful for any help that can be provided.Thanks for reading my e-mail, David
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Hi Janine, You are a has-been Star.My French Bloodline at a dead end for a while now as i did not know how to mess about it proceed.I Will this site and see WHERE me.Do It Takes You Think i will Need Further Assistance, the ground is, so to speak? Regards, David